Get'r Goin EP

by Brothers

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All songs written and performed by Jason Robichaud and Kevin Robichaud.


released October 24, 2016

All songs recorded, mixed & mastered by Davis Maxwell. Fall of 2016.



all rights reserved


Brothers Welland, Ontario

Biological Brothers, playing what we can.

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Track Name: Getaway
I woke up for the first time yesterday
I just didn't know what to say
But I, oh I know what you're missing
and its the simple things you need
Just breath

I came back from a trip just yesterday
last night I never thought id be ok
I just waited, I waited for a new day
and it made it go away

everyday is a new look at life
what will you say
don't waste the day not feeling you're way
go out and play today
Track Name: Frisco Feels
I've been sitting for days
I've been counting the waves
its only you that i crave
I miss all of your ways

run away to the park,
gonna go hide and spark
gonna go join the flock and fly away
cause you don't care about me anyway
I'm new, I'm better to
I don't want to bother you
cause it smells like theres something new
for me and you

I've been sitting for days
I've been counting the waves
I've been thinking about your silly little ways
as i sit here in haze
Track Name: Half The Man
you never asked for this
you never asked for this
now your making a fist
now your making a fist

This isn't what you planned
this isn't what you came for
now your leaving here
only half the man

Just say no
Just say no

Oh, you weren't made for this
and I'm telling you this
i am your father i am your father
you're not proud of this
this is your latest dismiss
why are you proud of this
why are you proud of this

just say no
they ton't know

why are you proud of this
why are you proud of this
and now your making a first
and now your making a first
Track Name: Here Again
going back, to the place
where i saw my self
never thought id go
and loose my head

but i now the truth and its far from this
and i never thought it would come to this

ou o oh Come and get some
ou o ouu

now i go and i do it again
will you be by my side and by my friend
oh what have you done to me
i just want to go and be set free

ou o oh Come and get some
ou o ouu
Track Name: Big Machine
look what you've done
doesn't look like much fun
the places you wanted to see
will longer be

you pick the fight, and you
you give them fright
you take their land
you take their rights
and you go thinking its alright

the big machine keeps on turning its wings
for what we ask, they'll never sing
we drop the bombs, on their heads
over seas on family's
they don't care its plain warfare

the children they walk the streets
fatherless can't you see
the hate will fill their veins and their core
till the day that they're dead and old